The Colorful Keepsake

Memory keepsakes for ashes, sand, burial soil, etc.

How It All Began

Cherie Gallagher

Store Owner

 A few years ago, I experienced what would be one of the greatest and most difficult losses of my life. The most kind and gentle woman I had ever known, my grandmother, had passed. She was soft spoken, caring, laughed a whole lot, and always had the most beautiful and warm smile on her face. 

When I was young, she and my grandfather moved to the United States from the Philippines to help raise me while my mother and father were working hard to build a life for us all.

I never imagined that one day I would lose her. 

Sometime after the funeral, one of my aunt's suggested that we take a trip to gather some jewelry making supplies, as making jewelry had always been therapeutic for her during difficult times. We bought some supplies at our local craft store, brought it home, and all the women in the family sat around the kitchen table and made jewelry together, as well as shared wonderful stories and memories. It was a healing experience. 

Fast forward to today, I am a Licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer for several years, and still making jewelry. After working in funeral homes with the same limited cremation jewelry options to offer families, I decided that I would make my own.

Just as my jewelry represents, the beauty of this world lies in the fact that we are all so different, and our differences should be honored, celebrated, and most of all... accepted.

Let us continue to celebrate the lives of those who have passed, by keeping them close to our hearts, in color, as vibrant as we remember them to be.